Good Policing Results in Arrests of Two Armed Robbery Suspects

Early this morning, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a call for an armed robbery that had just taken place.

On arrival, officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was walking on Mercer St. when a red Pontiac sedan drove pass him and he made eye contact with the driver. The victim then further explained that shortly after making eye contact with the driver, the car turned around and pulled up beside him. The driver then exited the car and exclaimed to him to his passenger, “Should I shoot him?!” all the while pulling up his shirt and exposing his waistband. The driver then approached him, removed his ring from his finger, demanded that he take his earrings off and reached into his pocket and took $200.00 from his pocket along with his Blackberry cell phone.

The officers on scene with the victim broadcast a description of the car, the number of suspects along with direction of flight to other officers on the district. Officers in an unmarked cruiser then stationed themselves in Codman Square. A short while time later, officers observed a red Pontiac with tinted windows drive by them occupied by two individuals. This car, matching the description of the suspect vehicle, was followed by officers and stopped in the area of 15 Westcott Street. There, officers removed the suspects from the car and pat frisked them based on the belief that the victim had expressed that one of suspects was armed. No firearm was found in the car but the victim was transported to the scene for a possible identification. As soon as the victim arrived on the scene, he positively identified the car and then the suspects.

After the suspects were positively identified, they were placed under arrest. A search of the suspects allowed officers to recover one of the victim’s rings, his earrings, Blackberry phone and his $200.00. The suspects, Dominique Carpenter-Grady, 20, of Dorchester and Richard Allen, 21 of Boston were arrested and charged Armed Robbery.