The Stories People Tell the Police!

Yesterday morning around 11:40AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) responded to Fairland St. and Mt. Pleasant Ave. for a fight in progress.

On arrival, officers spoke with the victim who reported that he was falsely accused of stealing $800.00 from the suspect. The victim further stated that the suspect became even more enraged when the victim wouldn’t let him smoke any more crack while they were at an unidentified house. When the victim refused to let the suspect smoke any more crack cocaine, the suspect reported that the suspect followed him outside and started trying to hit him with a 2x4” piece of wood.

Officers then spoke to the victim who reported that he went to the bathroom and when he returned to put on his shorts, he discovered $800.00 was missing from his pocket. The suspect then reported to officers that he picked up a 2x4’ piece of wood only after he accused another individual (that was with him and the victim) of stealing the money and the victim became upset by this accusation.

Officers   spoke to all parties involved and told them that a report would be drafted detailing the various versions of what happened and directed the opposing parties to go in different directions. A short time later while going to the station to write the report, officers received another call for a fight at Dudley and Adams Streets involving the same parties. Officers responded there and arrested suspect, Kevin L.  Bryant, 36 of Boston after they learned that he had followed the victim and a witness and started another confrontation after police officers left. The suspect was charged with Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon.