Domestic Incident Leads to Firearm Recovery

Early this morning officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect a 16-year old from Mattapan and charged him with two counts of Assault by Means of a Dangerous Weapon, and two counts of Assault and Battery 209A.

Around 1:20AM, officers responded to 58 Greendale Street around 1:20AM in response to a 911 call for person with a gun. On arrival as officers were making their way into the house they were informed that the suspect was still in the house on the third floor. As officers were making their way to the victim, a male was observed attempting to leave the house clothed only in sweatpants exiting the house. This individual was stopped until officers spoke to the victim whom officers had not yet encountered.  As soon as officers made contact with the victim, she immediately exclaimed, “Yeah that’s him! You put that [expletive]! You’re supposed to be my brother!”  The victim then told officers that the gun was still in the house and possibly in the rear stairwell as the suspect had just gone down the rear stairwell just before officers arrived. Officers then went to the rear stairwell and there recovered a firearm hidden inside a barbecue grill.

Officers then spoke to the two victims from told officers that they had been threatened with a firearm by the suspect who had placed the gun to the head of one of the victims for failing to clean the house the day before. The suspect on this day had gone to a party that the victims were attending and violently removed them from the party.  Once home, the victim went to her room where she was confronted by the suspect who pointed a gun to the head of the victim in the case and threatened to shoot her. The gun, once recovered, turned out to be a BB/pellet gun.

The victim will be arraigned today at Dorchester District Court.