Juvenile Suspect Arrested Hours after Robbing Victim

Last night around 6:17PM, officers from District B-3 (Dorchester) were on patrol in the area of 429 Norfolk St.  when they were approached by a victim of an armed robbery.

Officers spoke to the victim who reported that he was at the Boston Public Library located in Mattapan when he and the suspect had the opportunity to have a verbal exchange over some printed materials.  The victim further reported that he and his friends recognized the suspect from the Norfolk Park area and the library.

The victim reported that as he and his friends exited the library, they realized that they were being followed by the suspect and started to run as they were in fear that they were going to be robbed.  The victim reported that the suspect chased and caught up to his two friends and demanded that they tell him to stop running lest he shoot him after he lifted up his shirt to reveal an ammunition magazine. The victim stated that he stopped running once directed to do so by his friends and was confronted by the victim who then exclaimed, “Give me your money or I am going to take out the clip!” The victim reported that due to the fact that he was in fear of being shot and so gave the suspect $21.00 dollars he had.

Officers obtained a description from the victim and his friends along with some specific identifiers such as a tattoo. Officers broadcast a description of the suspect and notified district detectives who had the victim and witnesses brought in for further investigation. During further investigation of the incident, the victim and the witnesses were able to individually identify the suspect through a photo array.

Officers along with detectives then responded to Norfolk Park and there located the suspect, a 16-year old male from Hyde Park who was arrested and charged with Armed Robbery and Threats.