Another Gun Taken Off the Streets

Last night around 11:00PM, officers from the Youth Violence Task Force responded to 54 Stockton St. in Dorchester for a call of a man armed with a handgun. En route, officers received further information that the suspect was one of two males arguing in front of 54 Stockton Street.

On arrival, officers observed two individuals matching with one matching the suspect description. As officers approached, the two quickly separated and started walking away in different directions.  Officers quickly exited their car and attempted to stop the men to further investigate.  One of the two men took off running from officers into the driveway of 60 Stockton Street.  An officer pursued the suspect and noticed that the suspect displayed the characteristics of an armed gunman.  The suspect, while being pursued, was observed to throw his hands up in the air as if discarding an object. Almost immediately after the suspect was observed in this action, he sped up running into the back yard around the other side of the house and jumping over the fence. Officers, with the assistance of other units, pursued the suspect and caught him in the rear of 93 Milton Avenue.

Once placed in custody, the suspect told officers that he had only run from them because he was in possession of marijuana though none was found on him. Officers, at the location where the suspect was observed in that throwing motion, found and recovered a loaded revolver which was came back with a positive with thermal image.

The suspect, Treon Mayers, 26 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Possession of a loaded Firearm, and Trespassing for running through the yard of 60 Stockton Street.