SEE IMAGES: Three Suspects Arrested after Secret Drug Compartment Discovered

Around 9:30PM yesterday, members of the District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) received information of a gray Buick with a given registration involved in drug activity in the 500 block of Massachusetts Avenue.

Shortly after receiving this information, officers responded to the 50o block of Massachusetts Ave. and found the described motor vehicle parked with one male occupant.  Officers observed the car for some time and noted that the operator kept manipulating items on the rear passenger side. In addition, the suspect was observed making and receiving several calls which appeared to be directing the operator to different locations based on his repeated driving in circles to different locations and returning to the initial location. Based on officers’ experience, they determined that the suspect’s actions were consistent with counter surveillance maneuvers intended to lose anyone following them.

Having come to the above conclusion, officers from the Drug Control Unit enlisted the assistance of officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force who were in the area also. The suspect’s motor vehicle was observed traveling down Massachusetts Ave. and stopping at the intersection of Shawmut Ave. where two passengers were picked up.  After observing the suspect pick up the two individuals, officers made the decision to stop the suspect motor vehicle at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave. and Melnea Cass Boulevard believing that indeed the occupants were involved in some kind of drug transaction.

During the traffic stop of the car, officers observed that all the occupants were extremely nervous. Specifically a female occupant was observed to have numerous identifications in her purse which she tried to conceal. Further, officers observed the female occupant turned her body in such a way as to block officers’ vision from the center console as she tried to reach into the center console. All occupants were removed from the car with the female occupant violently resisting officers’ efforts to remove her from the car.  

Once al the occupants were removed from the car they denied that there were any drugs in the car. An officers specializing in the drug hides did a visual inspection of the car and immediately noticed that both front seats had been altered to look identical with an aftermarket added to the bottom of the passenger seat. The officer specializing in hides was able to determine how to open the hide and located four brick of heroin, three bags of heroin and cash in excess of $7,000.00. The drugs added up totaled more than a 1,000 of heroin.

The three occupants, Antonio P. Acevedo, 29 of Everett, Victor Viera, 39 of Everett and Kenia Perez, 31 of Malden were all arrested and charged Conspiracy to Violate the Drug Laws and Trafficking Class A.