Underneath the Mattress, Not FDIC Insured

Yesterday around 3:51PM, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) responded to 633 East 6th Street for a breaking and entering in progress.

On arrival, officers were informed by the victim that he had approximately $8,000.00-$10,000.00 US currency hidden underneath his mattress but when he went to get some of his money discovered that it was gone. The victim further explained to officers that he found a shoe print from a “DC” sneaker on an exercise machine located next to the rear window along with another one on his bulkhead. The victim went on to tell officers that he had noticed that there was a man working in the same building who was wearing a pair of “DC” sneakers.

Officers observed the male and confirmed that he was indeed wearing ‘DC” sneakers. After a brief conversation with the suspect, he admitted to officers that he had in fact stolen the money but had brought it to Quincy and hidden the money. The suspect, after being placed under arrest, was escorted by officers to Quincy and showed them where he had hidden the stolen money. The money was taken, counted and determined to be within the range of what the victim had reported.

The suspect, Edmund M. Antoon, 30 of Weymouth was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime, and Larceny Over $250.00.