VIGILANT NEIGHBOR SPIES A BIKE THEFT : 10 Year Old Suspect Summons to Juvenile Court

On August 31, 2010 at approximately 4:46pm, officers responded to Lambert Ave. in Roxbury (District B-2) for a report of Breaking and Entering. On arrival, the officers learned from the victim that she was contacted by a neighbor who informed her that she witnessed a kid walking down the street with her son’s bicycle.

The victim ran outside, confronted the suspect and took back the bike. The suspect then fled toward Highland Street.

The victim states that the bicycle was parked on a bike rack inside a doorway. The suspect reportedly opened the door, took the bicycle off the rack and walked away. The suspect was walking the bicycle down the street alongside the bicycle he drove up on.

A quick-thinking witness took a photo of the suspect with a camera phone before the suspect fled. When officers viewed this photo, an officer recognized seeing the suspect in the area of Highland Street while enroute to the call. Officers then proceeded to Highland Street with a witness, who was able to identify the suspect.

 Officers identified the 10 year old suspect and are summonsing him to Juvenile Court.