Drinking and Driving Is Not Fine!

 Around 78:50PM last night, a motorcycle officer monitoring traffic in the area of Brighton and Allston Avenues observed a minivan pull into the parking lot of a nearby store and pull into an open area where the car remained running with its rear brake lights illuminated. The officer continued to monitor this minivan and noticed that the operator appeared to be slumped in his seat with the engine running and the vehicle in gear.

The officer approached the car after a few minutes and saw that the driver was indeed slumped in the seat. The officer opened the car to the door to further investigate and was struck with a very strong odor of alcohol. At this point, the operator/suspect jumped up from his sleep and attempted to drive the car away. The suspect was prevented from driving away but questioned as to whether he was ok and he responded, “I am fine!” The suspect was further observed to have a flushed red face, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and a strong odor of alcohol from his speech.

The suspect was asked to step from his car and as he did so, he fell to the pavement.  The suspect was assisted from the ground and observed to have unkempt clothing and open pants zipper. The suspect was asked to perform some sobriety tests to determine his ability to safely operate his car and he stated, “I am fine, I am drunk, I am fine!”  but agreed to submit to the tests. The suspect was asked if he had any physical limitations that would hinder him from performing the tests stated, “I am strong!”

The suspect was unable to successfully complete any of the tests administered to him, and consequently was deemed to be operating under the influence of alcohol when taken in concert with the previously noted physical observations.  The suspect, Mamed Mollayyev, 36 of Auborndale was arrested and charged with Operating Under the Influence of Liquor.