At 6:34am on Thursday, September 9, 2010, officers responded to a radio call for a motor vehicle accident at Commonwealth Ave. & Gloucester Street in Boston.

Upon arrival, officers observed a black Audi S8 stopped at the intersection of Gloucester Street and the outbound side of Commonwealth Ave. The vehicle was unoccupied at this time and had front-end damage. Also present was a red Mercury Villager, minivan, positioned at Gloucester Street in the left lane of Commonwealth Ave. The vehicle had passenger side damage and the victim still inside. Both vehicles have current and active registrations.

Boston Fire were on scene to use the “Jaws of Life” to cut away a portion of the minivan’s roof in order to extricate a 49 year-old male passenger, herein referred to as Victim #1. Two other individuals in the minivan were able to exit the minivan prior to police arrival and were standing by with no visible injuries.

Victim #2, the operator of the minivan, had trouble maintaining eye-contact and stated he was the operator of the minivan, and was traveling down Commonwealth Ave inbound. As he approached Gloucester Street, he claimed the traffic signal was green and he proceeded, at which time his vehicle was struck on the passenger side of the Audi, which was traveling down Gloucester St. The operator of the minivan was found to have a current and active MA driver’s license.

The operator of the Audi had no visible injuries and was being evaluated by EMS. He stated that he was operating the Audi on Gloucester Street toward Commonwealth Ave and the traffic signal was green. As he entered the intersection, the minivan crossed into his path from Commonwealth Ave., at which time he attempted to swerve, but was unable to. His vehicle struck the passenger side of the minivan. The operator of the Audi was found to have a current and active MA driver's license.

Officer observed that the traffic signal light at the corner of Commonwealth Ave. and Gloucester St., located on the center median strip of Commonwealth Ave. had been knocked down, apparently by the vehicles just after they collided.

A female victim stated that as she was walking her dogs down Gloucester St. toward Beacon St., she was waiting to cross the outbound lanes of Commonwealth Ave. She did observe that the crosswalk light signaled that it was clear to cross Commonwealth Ave., which is an indicator that Commonwealth Ave. had the red light. Her dogs pulled back on their leashes in hesitation and at that moment the vehicles collided in the intersection, subsequently striking the traffic signal light and knocking it to the ground, along with the female victim. She did not have any visible injuries from her fall and was evaluated by Boston EMS. She stated that she would follow up with her own doctor if necessary.

A witness stated that she observed the vehicles collide and then slam into the traffic signal light, taking the entire pole down and barely missing the female victim. Witness was unable to see what color the traffic signal lights were in either direction.

Another witness stated that as he was traveling in his vehicle down Commonwealth Ave. inbound, he had observed the two vehicles collide. He confirmed that the minivan was heading outbound on Commonwealth Ave. and that the Audi was traveling on Gloucester St. Witness was unable to see what color the traffic signal lights were in either direction.

Boston EMS transported the victim (Victim #1) from the minivan to Brigham & Women's Hospital in serious condition.

The minivan was towed by O'Shea's Towing Service. The Audi was towed by Stadium Auto Body.

Area D-4 Auto Investigator issued operator Ludgero Rodrigues (Victim #2), MA citation # M2404426, for failure to stop for a red light, based on witness statements.