Citizen Alert from C6 (South Boston): Crime Summary


CC# 100505355 on 9/16/10 2:50PM at Dorchester St & Old Colony Ave victim reported that he was approached by 4 BM’s one of whom asked for .50 cents.  One of the suspects grabbed the victim by the arm and demanded his I-pod.  When the victim refused the suspects fled. Suspect description BM 20 years 6’3” 200 lbs wearing a white Polo shirt and black pants BM 6’2” 20 years wearing a black hoodie and dark pants.  Report filed at 9PM.

CC# 100502713 on 9/15/10 4:07PM on McDonough Way Asian female victim reported that she was approached by a BM thin build wearing a red baseball hat who grabbed her pocket book knocking her to the ground.  The victim chased the suspect and recovered her pocketbook at 30 Logan Way.

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 100494162 on 9/11/10 1:50AM at 15 McDonough Way victim reported that her former boyfriend knocked on the door.  When the door was not answered a second suspect climbed in a window and opened the door.  Once inside the 3 adult male suspects kicked in the bathroom door where the victim was hiding.  The victim was beaten and sustained a stab wound to the stomach.  Detectives secured warrants for the 3 suspects and they were arrested on the warrants.

Residential B&E:

CC# 100505397 on 9/16 between 5:30PM & 8:30PM at 521 E 2nd St victim reported that the rear patio door was dislodged form the track in an attempt to gain entry.

CC# 100503427 on 9/15/10 11PM at 16 Mitchell St #3 victim reported that he observed a WM 5’7” wearing a brown sweatshirt and blue jeans inside the apartment.  The suspect fled out the window and down the fire escape.


CC# 100499858 between 9/13/10 10PM & 914/10 8:15AM at Columbia Rd & Farragut Rd victim reported that a window was smashed and a Garmin GPS and I-pod were stolen.

CC# 100497395 on 9/12/10 between 5:30PM & 10PM at 227 D St victim reported that a GPS and Versace sunglass were stolen.