Impersonating a Police Officer Deal Gone Bad!

Around 11:00PM last night, Thursday, September 16, 2010, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) were on patrol when they were approached by a victim who informed officers that he had just been robbed. The victim elaborated by telling officers that he was walking along Charles Street when he was approached by two women. The two women asked the victim if he would like to have a good time and he answered affirmatively. One of the two women then directed the victim to touch the other woman’s breast and he heeded her instructions touching the other woman’s breast.  One the victim touched the other woman’s breast he was then pushed against a wall and one of the women exclaimed, “You are under arrest, we are the police!” One of the suspects then reached into his pocket and removed both his wallet and cell phone and walked away.

The victim then proceeded down towards Tremont and Boylston streets where he was able to flag down officers. A description of the suspects was broadcast and several other police officers responded to the area to search for the suspects. While canvassing the area for the suspects, officers turned onto from Tremont St. to LaGrange St. and there saw three women standing with one of the three women holding a man by the neck. At this time it was noted by officers that two of the three women matched the suspects’ descriptions.  Officers stopped and approached the three women and immediately upon reaching the three women, one of them handed officers a black wallet stating, “Here, here!”

Officers separated the three women and spoke to the man who was being held by the neck when officers first saw the group. Officers spoke to the male and he told officers that he was walking on LaGrange St. when he was approached by the same two females who had approached the victim from Charles Street and demanded to know what he was doing on the street. The victim then reported that before he could answer one of the suspects grabbed him by his shirt collar and took his wallet from his back pocket. One of the women after taking his wallet told him that they were cops and that he was going to jail. The woman holding him then told the other one to “call it in” and she started to motion as if she was waving someone to come to her aid. It was at this time that officers turned the corner and observed one the suspects holding him by the shirt collar.

The suspects, Angela C. Kasper, 30 of Cary, NC and Kimberly Mosby, 43 of Boston were arrested and charged with Unarmed Robbery and Impersonating a Police Officer.