When the Police Show Up: the Party Is Over Even If You Say It Is Not!

Around 11:58PM last night, officers from District D-14 (Brighton) responded to 24 Armington St. in Brighton for a loud party.

On arrival, officers observed a large crowd of over a 100 people inside the house and on the front lawn. Officers additionally noticed liquor bottles and beer cans strewn all over the house, the front lawn, the sidewalk and on the street. Based on the call and the number of people that were congregating and the fact that the party appeared to be out of control, officers started dispersing the crowd and asking partygoers to leave the area. As the crowd started to leave, one individual refused to leave despite being told to do so several times. After numerous prompts to leave, that individual, Parker R. Gorick, 20 of Cambridge was arrested and charged with Disturbing the Peace. After the first suspect was placed under arrest, a second partygoer approached officers and started yelling at them for breaking up the party. That partygoer was warned several times and told that he risked being placed under arrest if he failed to leave the area. The second partygoer, John Keamy, 20 of Lynnfield  after continually being told to leave the area and refusing to do so was placed under arrest and charged with Disturbing the Peace.

Officers then responded to the house where the party was taking place and arrested the two residents, Richard Altieri, 22 and Joseph Sledgianowski, 23 of Allston who were giving the party and charged them with being Keepers  of a Disorderly House.