Be Careful How You Drive! You Never Know Who Is Watching!

Last night around 11:45PM, officers from District B-3 (Mattapan) arrested suspect, Malcolm Aubrey, 21, of Dedham and charged him with Driving to Endanger.

An off duty officer was travelling in the area of Blue Hill Ave. and Stratton St. operating  in the left lane when they observed the suspect’s motor vehicle pass the officer along with a number of other cars in the right lane at a high rate of speed. The suspect then changed lanes abruptly without regard for the safety of others in the road and in so doing cut off the off-duty officer. The suspect continued on Blue Hill Ave. tailgating another car after it abruptly changed lanes. The operator of the car that the suspect was tailgating then attempted to get out of the way of the suspect as he did so crossed lanes in order to avoid hitting the suspect and in doing so caused an accident.

The off duty officer then radioed for assistance and several units from District B-3 responded and stopped the suspect. Once stopped, the suspect was arrested and charged with the above offense after conversation with the other drivers.