Citizen Alert for C6 (South Boston): Crime Summary


CC# 100513251 on 9/20/10 11:15PM at 2 Morrissey Blvd (Sovereign parking lot) victim reported that after exiting his vehicle he was approached by BM 18-22 years 5’5” wearing a black hoodie armed with a Glock handgun and a BM 18-22 years 6’ NFI who demanded that he give them his briefcase.  The victim was struck several times in the head with an unknown object.  Witnesses observed 2 suspects climbing the fence from Harbor Point onto the Sovereign property earlier in the night.

CC# 100511176 on 9/19/10 10:15PM at 27 Howell St victim reported that he was approached by a BM 25 years 5’8” 140 lbs wearing a black baseball hat, black hoodie, and white fleece sweatpants who brandished a 3” knife and stated “Give me everything you got”.  The suspect stole the victim’s wallet and a bag containing personal items and fled towards Dorchester Ave.  

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 100516999 on 9/22/10 8:29PM at D St & W Broadway homeless victim reported that he was kicked in the head by an unknown suspect. 

Residential B&E:

CC# 100508360 between 9/16/10 & 9/18/10 at 11 O’Callaghan Way #329 victim reported that entry was gained through the kitchen window and 15” TV, microwave oven, toaster oven, stereo system, purse, I-pod, Nike sneakers, and food were stolen.


CC# 100515847 on 9/22/10 between 3AM & 6AM at 284 A St victim reported that a window was smashed and assorted tools were stolen.

CC# 100515002 on 9/21/10 between 6:30PM & 8:10PM at Thompson Pl & Seaport Blvd victim reported that a window was smashed and a Garmin GPS was stolen.

CC# 100510251 on 9/18/10 between 6:50PM & 10:50PM on Congress St victim reported that a GPS and 2 I-pods were stolen.