At about 9:13am, on Friday, September 24, 2010,  officers from Area E-18 (Hyde Park) received a radio call for a breaking and entering in progress in the area of 53 Braeburn Rd. On arrival, officers were met by victim who stated that he had just arrived home and soon noted that several objects in his home were out of place. Specifically, victim stated that he observed open drawers, a cigar box and two laptop computers missing. Victim further stated that he walked out his back door and, upon doing so, observed a black male hiding in the bushes in the rear of his yard. Victim states that when the suspect saw him, the suspect jumped and fled over a fence. Victim says he was able to locate and retrieve some of the items missing from his home on the other side of the fence. Victim described the suspect as a dark-skinned black male in his late teens wearing a black t-shirt and dark jeans. Officers promptly broadcast a description of the suspect over the police radio.

Victim stated that he chased the suspect for a short time before losing sight of him in the area of Austin and Greenbrook Streets. Officers, with the help from a Boston Police K-9, were able to track the suspect and his scent to an area near 7 Austin Street. While tracking the scent, the K-9 was able to locate and take possession of a bag containing two laptop computers. In short time, officers were able to locate an individual who looked like the suspect hanging out in the immediate area. While officers were talking to the suspect, officers noted that the suspect appeared to be sweating and breathing heavily. In the interim, the victim was brought to the scene for ID purposes. Once on scene, the victim looked at the suspect and stated, “That’s him.”  

Officers arrested Mario Saint-Juste, 18, of Boston and charged him with Breaking & Entering Daytime.