Suspect Caught in the Act

Yesterday morning around 11:40AM, officers from District D-4 (South End) arrested suspect, James Williams, 48 of Roxbury and charged him with Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle and Possession of a Burglarious Tools.

Officers responded to the parking lot at Northampton and Fellows Street after they received a call for someone breaking into a car at that location. Officers quickly responded and on arrival there observed the suspect sitting in the front passenger’s seat of a red pickup truck at that location going through items near the center console. The suspect exited the car after observed him in the car and attempted to walk away. The suspect was stopped and he stated to officers that he had gotten in the car to get warm. Officers placed the suspect under arrest and during a search incident to arrest, located a pair of yellow bolt cutters in his backpack. The suspect then told officers that he had the bolt cutters in the car.

Officers then located a witness who told officers that the suspect initially rode on his bike and place it in between some cars.  The witness reported observing the suspect trying the doors to several cars and finally finding the door to the car that he was found in open.  According to the witness, the suspect initially went through the rear driver’s side door of the car and then subsequently got in the front passenger side seat.

The suspect was brought back to the station and during a booking search was additionally found to be in possession of a wire cutter.