Boston Accent Helps Lands B&E Suspect in Custody

At approximately 2:13AM today, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) arrested suspects, Patrick M. Linskey, 20 of Hanover and James M. Albert, 26 of Amesbury and charged them with Receiving Stolen Property and outstanding warrants.

Officers first encountered the two suspects while on random patrol in the area of Old Colony Ave. and Dorchester Streets. Officers while patrolling the area observed the two suspects duck behind two parked cars as they drove by. Officers turned around and initiated a threshold inquiry. Suspect Albert provided officers a fake name and told them that he had just moved to this area from Arizona despite having a strong Boston accent.  The suspect then went on to tell officers that he has never had a Massachusetts driver’s license or one from Arizona. During the stop, officers noted a large bulge in the suspect’s pocket and asked him about it to which he replied, “It’s my GPS.”  Officers, aware of a number of breaking and entering of cars in the area and suspicious of the fact that someone who has never had a license, who would a GPS, further investigated the suspects. When the suspect statements about owning the GPS were questioned, he changed his statement and stated that the GPS belonged to his friend whose name he did not know. Suspect, Linskey was also determined to have a GPS on his person also which he reported belonged to his brother whose name he also could not provide.

Officers further investigated the suspects and determined that one of the GPS units came to a local address in South Boston. At this point the suspects told officers that the GPS units had been given to them by “other people” to sell.  Subsequent search of the suspects revealed then to be in possession of a number of apparently stolen items such as I-Pods and cell phones which they admitted were stolen. Officers were able to determine to learn suspect Albert’s name and learned that he had outstanding warrants.