Another Gun Off the Streets

Last night around 11:29PM, officer from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspect, Christian Scott, 18 of Dorchester and charged him with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition, Unlawful Possession of a Firearm and Unlawfully Carrying a Loaded Firearm.

Officers from the Gang Unit were on patrol in the area of Stanwood Street when they observed the suspect walking. Officers observed the suspect immediately appear to become agitated and alarmed upon seeing them. Officers, attention drawn to the suspect, observed him place his hands at his waist and make a downward motion toward the ground while passing in front of 114 Stanwood Streets. The suspect then stuffed both his hands back into his jacket pocket, clenched his jacket tightly and started walking away. The suspect appeared to be noticeably alarmed, staring at officers as they passed by, breathing fast and heavy.

Officers, at this point, based on their training, experience, knowledge of the area and the suspect’s behavior and actions believed that the suspect had possibly discarded a weapon and/or may be attempting to conceal additional weapons. Officers stopped their cruiser and approached the suspect for the purpose of conducting a threshold inquiry to further investigate their belief. As officers approached the suspect, he immediately pulled his hands out of his pocket and stated, ‘Yo, I got nothing!” Officers observed the suspect shaking nervously and looking up and down Stanwood St. as if looking for an escape route.  The officers pat frisked the suspect and went to look in the area where the suspect had made a downward motion. A pat frisk revealed nothing on the suspect but a search of the area where he had made the downward motion revealed a loaded firearm. It should be noted that the suspect was stopped only 15’ from where the gun was found. Further, the gun was found on the top layer of leaves in the front yard of the area where the suspect was observed throwing the object.

The suspect was placed under arrest after he gave an explanation as to why he was carrying the gun and transported to the district station for booking.