At about 3:08am, on Saturday, November 20, 2010, officers from Area A-1 (Downtown) responded to a radio call for a loud party at 10 Avery Street (the Ritz Carlton). On arrival, officers spoke to hotel security who stated that they attempted to quiet the party, albeit unsuccessfully, several times before calling police. Officers approached the room where the party was being held in order to further investigate the noise complaint. While making their way towards the room, officers observed several individuals in possession of alcoholic beverages exiting the location. Once in front of the room, officers looked inside and observed approximately 25 - 30 people making noise and consuming alcohol inside the room. Upon entering the location, officers asked to speak to the legal tenants. When nobody took responsibility for the party, officers began turning the lights on and off while, at the same time, instructing everyone to leave the location. For a short time, most of the party-goers flat out ignored the officers and the legal instructions that had been given. Finally, one of the party-goers, stating that he was the legal tenant, approached the officers and told them that they were no longer welcome inside his place and that they – they being the officers - needed to leave.

 Somewhat taken aback by the statements made by the legal tenant, officers informed the suspect that, due to his unwillingness to end the party, he was being placed under arrest. However, when officers attempted to handcuff the suspect, the suspect chose to resist. After a brief struggle, officers arrested Sultan Alhokair, 22, of Boston and charged him with Being the Keeper of a Disorderly House and Resisting Arrest.      

As officers were attempting to place Alhokair into custody, a second individual, herein referred to as Suspect #2, kept interfering with the officers. After being told several times not to impede the officers as they attempted to arrest Suspect #1, Suspect #2 continued to do so. As a result, officers took Suspect #2 into custody. Once in custody, Suspect #2 stated, “You have no idea who you are messing with. You are going to be in big trouble. I have friends who will take care of you.” Nevertheless, officers arrested Angelos Markakis, 22, of New York and charged him with Resisting Arrest and Witness Intimidation. 

Officers arrested a third individual, Abdul Alathim, 21, of Boston and charged him with Resisting Arrest.

As officers were transporting the suspects to Area A-1 (Downtown) for booking, officers observed and noted that a car, filled with people from the party, was following closely behind the prisoner transport wagon. Upon arriving at the station, officers approached the vehicle and asked the operator for his license. When the suspect stated that he didn’t have one, officers took the operator into custody.  Officers arrested Abdullah Saud, 23, of Cambridge and charged him with Operating without a License.