Today Boston Police recognized a civilian that assisted officers with a recent vandalism incident in the Financial District.  Mr. Brian Schnabel working as a security guard at 82 Devonshire Street observed a vandalism in progress in the Financial District.  Mr. Schnabel called 911 to report the incident and continued to assist the 911 dispatcher with location updates and further information.

Mr. Schnabel also followed the suspects and observed locations of the vandalism and the suspects descriptions.  Once the suspects were apprehended, Mr. Schnabel continued to assist officers with a  positive identification and returned the officers to the scene of the vandalism.  Without the assistance of Mr. Schnabel, this incident may have gone unsolved or would have been more difficult to solve.  Mr. Schnabel exemplifies the citizen assistance that is invaluable to solving crimes quickly and bringing the perpetrators to justice.  The Boston Police wishes to recognize Mr. Schnabel for his assistance in helping to solve the incomprehensible crime of a  13 and 15 year old who were caught vandalizing 11 vehicles on District A-1.