Three Arrested for Attempted Breaking and Entering

Around 12:43AM today, Monday, December 6, 2010, officers from District B-3 (Dorchester) responded to 191 Callender St. in Dorchester for a hold-up alarm.

On arrival, officers parked their cruiser a few houses from the call location to avoid detection and approach the call location.  As officers parked their cruiser, they observed a black Chevy Malibu parked across the street which appeared to notice them, and abruptly pull away at a high rate of speed. Officers, in light of the nature of the call they were responding, the abrupt departure of the Malibu and its proximity to the call followed behind the car as other officers responded to the call location.

Officers followed behind the car and attempted to stop after observing it fail to obey several traffic signals. The suspect motor vehicle continued its attempt to avoid officers by disregarding officers’ lights and sirens continuing into District 18 in Hyde Park.  As the suspect motor vehicle was heading into Hyde Park, officers advised units on District 18 of the fleeing suspect car heading their way. With the assistance of units on District 18, officers were able to block the car as it made its way on Austin Street in Hyde Park.

Once the car was stopped, officers detained the three occupants pending further investigation. Officers then received information from the officers at 191 Callender St. that the occupants of the stopped car were indeed the suspects from the attempted breaking and entering.  Officers approached the car and observed and recovered two separate pairs of rubber gloves on the car seat and another pair in the driver’s pocket.

Officers then learned from officers at 191 Callender St. that the victim had called 911 after he heard a knock at his door and observed one of the suspects at his door. According to the victim, the suspect asked, “Is Billy there?” The victim answered that no one named Billy lived there and refused to open the door. The victim further reported that at the same time that he saw the first suspect at his front door he heard someone outside at his rear door on the porch. The victim reported that his alarm sounded at this time and the suspects ran to the black Malibu at about the same time officers were arriving.

Officers arrested all three occupants of the car charging the operator, Sheridan Cowell, 22 of Hyde Park with Attempted B&E in the Night, Driving to Endanger, Failure to Stop for Police, and Using Motor Vehicle without Authority.  The second male who had approached the victim’s back door, Adonis Graham, 19, of Hyde Park was arrested and charged with Attempted Breaking and Entering and the third passenger, Charlton Barrett, 22 of Mattapan was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition after ammunition was found on him.