About 2:30pm on December 7, 2010, officers were notified by mall radio of a shoplifting that had occurred at Famous Footwear at 1120 Massachusetts Ave in Boston (Boston Police District C6). Officers were told that employees followed the suspect to another store. An officer spoke with a witness (store employee) who stated she observed female suspect take pair of black suede boots from Famous Footwear and place it inside a bag in the bottom of her baby stroller.

The officer asked the suspect for identification to which she responded that she had no ID. The suspect told the officer that her name was "Elizabeth" and that the boot she took was in her car. The officer then asked to see her car key to which stated that she didn't have one. The officer also inquired about the child in the stroller and the suspect stated it was her niece. Officers then recovered 1 boot from the bottom of the stroller.

Due to suspect's repeated lies and inability to provide ID, the officer placed the suspect, 22 year old Kyana Jinks of Dorchester under arrest for Shoplifting. At that time, a second female, arrived on scene. The shoplifting suspect stated that the second female was her mother but that female denied this and identified herself as “Kate”. The officer informed them since no one could produce identification, the child would be placed in an ambulance.

At this time, “Kate” who was later identified as 43 year old Prensila Jinks of Roslindale attempted to leave with the child. The officer placed his hand on the stroller stating the child could not be taken at this time. Prensila Jinks then swung at the officer’s hand, hitting it and scratching it.

Prensila Jinks then fled and was soon apprehended by District C6 units. At that time, an additional female, known to the suspects, arrived on scene and provided officers with truthful information. She stated that Kyana Jinks was the mother of the child and that she would be happy to take custody of her for the time being and was allowed to do so.

Both suspects were placed under arrest and transported to C6 for booking. Kyana Jinks was charged with Shoplifting ($ 99.99). Prensila Jinks was charged with Assault and Battery on a Public Employee (Police Officer).