Loud Party Lands One in Jail

Early this morning around 2:30AM, officers from District C-11(Dorchester) responded to 60 Westville Street in Dorchester due to complaints about an “after hours” party. Officers noted that there had many calls to this residence for the same time of complaint in the last few days and one for a call in which shots had allegedly been fired.

On arrival, officers could hear loud music coming from inside the house and the windows appeared to be covered with sheets and blankets from the inside. Officers approached the home and observed about 15-20 men, women and underage youths drinking alcohol in the alley in the alley located at the back door of the home. Officers knocked on the back door of the house and the door was answered by a resident who informed officers that he just had a few friends over and that he was not having a party. Officers entered the home and therein observed about 40-50 people inside and started clearing the people from the party.  As officers were clearing the party, they saw a number of marijuana bags, used condoms and empty bottles scattered around the floors.  Additionally, officers noticed that there was no furniture in any of the three floors except for a makeshift bar on the first floor and DJ equipment.

The resident who presented himself as the occupant of the house, Hector L. Nunez, 31 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Keeper of a Disorderly House and issued a citation for marijuana found on his person. Officers also seized the DJ equipment which was in the apartment to be held as evidence.