Going to Jail Sobers Up Suspect

Early this morning, officers from District C-6 (South Boston) arrested suspect, James King, 35 of South Boston and charged with being a Disorderly Person.

Around 2:47AM, officers responded to 177 West 5th Street for a person screaming and refusing to leave the hallway. While en route, officers were further advised that a male matching the description of the first suspects was now outside screaming and punching cars.

On arrival, officers encountered the suspect who appeared to be intoxicated based on his slurring speech and the strong odor of alcohol on him. Officers asked the suspect if he lived in the building and he replied that he did not. Officers continued to talk to the suspect and as they did so, he became increasingly more combative and aggressive and started yelling at officers all the while balling his hands into a fist.  Officers, after a while, were able to calm down the suspect and convinced him to take a ride home.

The patrol wagon arrived on scene to give the suspect a ride home when he suddenly became combative again and challenged officers to a fight, thinking he was going to get arrested. Officers again tried to calm down the suspect but were unsuccessful as he now started charging at officers telling them to fight them. After trying to evade the suspect for a while, officers discharged a brief burst of O. C. /mace which allowed officers to control the suspect.