Three Arrested for Trafficking in Joint Investigation between Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Boston Police Department (BPD)

Yesterday, Monday, December 21, 2010, afternoon around 2PM, members of the BPD Special Investigations Unit along with DEA agents arrested suspects, Taurean Pearson, 29, of Medford, Anthony Christian, 29 of Mattapan and James Smith, 47 of Roxbury and charged with Possession of Class A, and Possession of Class A with intent to Distribute. Suspect Smith was additionally charged with Possession of Class B.

The arrests resulted from an ongoing investigation during which both a confidential informant (CI) and an undercover officer (UC) made contact with the suspects and arranged a purchase of drugs from the suspects. The suspects initially agreed to meet with officers at South Station and there consummate a drug transaction for an exchange of drugs for money with the suspects. The suspects gave officers a description of a black Range Rover by which they would be arriving at the meeting location.

The suspects arrived at the location and indicated that they wanted the CI to go with them to get the drugs. The CI refused and suspect Pearson then agreed to go get the drugs and come back to the same location. Officers followed the suspects as they returned to the area of 43 Normandy St. in Dorchester where they then picked up suspect Smith and called the CI to inform him that they were on their way back to the South Station meeting place. On arrival at meeting place, both the UC and the CI got in the car with the suspects and agreed on the exchange of drugs which was shown to the UC and the CI for cash. Once they had come to an agreement, the UC and the CI gave a pre-arranged signal to officers who were nearby. Officers converged on the suspects in the car.

The officers were able recover a bag of heroin once they secured all the suspects from the car.  Suspect Smith was then found to be in possession of a small plastic bag of cocaine during a search incident to lawful arrest. The suspects’ car was seized pending an administrative forfeiture by the DEA.