Citizen Alert from C6 (South Boston)


CC# 100681838 on 12/22/10 7:05PM at Dixfield St & Covington St victim reported that he was approached by 2BM’s wearing Northface jackets who stated “Run your pockets or your dead.”  The suspects stole the victims Apple I-phone and wallet containing $15USC.

CC# 100681818 on 12/22/10 6PM at 240 Mt Vernon St victim reported that as he was walking to the JFK MBTA he was knocked to the ground by 2 young BM’s.  The suspects attempted to steal his wallet but were unsuccessful.

CC# 100673281 on 12/17/10 9PM at 200 Mt Vernon St victim reported that 2 unknown males assaulted him and stole his backpack.  Suspect may have followed the victim from the JFK MBTA.  Suspect fled towards the Expo Center.

CC# 100673004 on 12/17/10 10AM at Mass Ave & Gerard St victim reported that a BM 40 years 5’10” 200 lbs scruffy beard wearing a red flannel hooded jacket forcefully stole her handbag.

Aggravated Assault:

CC# 100675485 on 12/19/10 2:20AM at 571 E 1st St victims reported that a group of 7-10 WM’s and 2 WF’s 22-27 years were yelling and calling at them and calling them derogatory names.  A WM 6’ 250 lbs black hair wearing a black jacket punched the victim in the face.  The suspects then punched and kicked the victim.  Suspects entered a newer model tan or green Ford Explorer bearing a Mass plate that started with 1 and fled on E 1st towards K St.


CC# 100678723 between 12/20/10 7:30PM & 12/21/10 5:45AM at N St & E 7th St victim reported that 2 tires were stolen from an Acura RDX.

CC# 100676090 on 12/19/10 between 12:15PM & 2:15PM at E St & W Broadway victim reported that a window was smashed and a messenger bag and gym bag were stolen.