Vigilant Caller Leads to Arrest of Two B&E Suspects

Around 4:00AM on January 1, 2011, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) responded to Dickens Street for a call for suspicious person. The caller reported to the 911 call taker that two black males had been observed walking down the street trying to get into cars parked along the street.

Officers arrived on scene and started searching the area for the two described suspects and as the officers made their way down Leonard St. they observed two males walking on either side of the street. As officers became visible to the two males, one crossed the street and joined the other. Officers stopped the two individuals and conducted a threshold inquiry. Officers asked the suspects where they were coming from and one answered that they were coming from the other suspect’s brother’s house. When officers asked them where the house that they were coming from was located, neither could give an answer.  A pat frisk was conducted of the two suspects and a screwdriver and a Leatherman tool was found on them.

Officers then conducted a search of the immediate area and located a car with the interior light on, the center console open and items strewn on the driver’s seat.  Officers located the owner and the owner checked the car and confirmed that it had indeed been broken into.  Officers then found the caller who confirmed that the car that had been found was indeed the car that he had observed the suspects breaking into. Officers then conducted a “bring back” of the suspects to to see if the witness could identify them. The witness, once shown the suspects, positively identified them as the two suspects he observed getting into the victim’s car. The suspects, Joshua Graves, 18 and Larry Clary, 18 both of Dorchester were arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering of a Motor Vehicle in the Nighttime.