One Less Drug Dealer on the Streets for the New Year

Yesterday, 1/2/11 around 10:42AM, officers from the B-2 (Roxbury) Drug Control Unit arrested suspect, Charles Wicker, 59 of Boston and charged him with Distribution of Class B Drugs, and Distributi9on of Class b Drugs, Second Subsequent.

Officers from DCU who are familiar with the suspect were conducting surveillance in the Roxbury/Dorchester area when they observed the suspect standing on the corner of Blue Hill Ave. and West Cottage Street. Officers then moments later observed the suspect enter an address in the vicinity of where they first observed him and exit within seconds.

Officers continued to monitor the suspect, and observed walk about a block away and enter a passing motor vehicle. The motor vehicle traveled with the suspect and dropped him off at the McDonald’s located at 301 Warren Street. There, officers entered the McDonald’s in order to conduct a threshold inquiry. Upon entering the McDonald’s, the suspect immediately asked officers, “What did I do?” Officers explained to the suspect the surveillance that they had been conducting and how they had followed him to this location. The suspect initially denied everything but then agreed when officers gave him details of what they had observed. The suspect was pat frisked and officers recovered a plastic bag of crack cocaine was recovered from the suspect’s pocket.

The suspect was arrested and transported to the district for booking. During the booking process, officers recovered a medium bag containing loose crack cocaine and another plastic bag containing eleven separately packaged bags of crack cocaine on the inside lining of the suspect’s jacket.