Drunk Driver Arrested after Crashing into Several Parked Cars

Around 6:46AM this morning, Saturday, January 15, 2011, officers from District C-11 (Dorchester) arrested suspect, Bridget P. Kelley, 33 of Bridgewater and charged her with Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Operating a Motor Vehicle after License Suspension/Revocation.

On arrival, officers observed the operator of the car standing next to her car with three other struck, with damage from the incident. Officers approached the suspect and immediately detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from her. Officers then spoke to the suspect who stated, “I knew this would happen.” Officers then noted that the suspect was unsteady on her feet and had glassy eyes. Officers asked the suspect if she had been drinking and she responded, “I was driving the vehicle and I have been drinking.”  The suspect then told officers that she did not have an active license. Officers queried the suspect’s information and found out that she indeed had a suspended license.

Officers then asked the suspect to perform some sobriety tests which she agreed to do. The suspect, after being shown the test and told how to do them, was asked to perform the test. The suspect failed the test after a few attempts exclaimed, “I cannot perform the test!”

Officers located a case of 24 Corona beers with only six remaining in the case after the suspect was placed under arrest.