The Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 49-10 Reaches Important Milestone (See Attached Images)

On January 25, 2011, The Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 49-10 reached an important milestone marked with an initial Guidon presentation. The Guidon presented to the recruits was the white Guidon.  This is considered their first phase Guidon.  The colors of the first phase Guidon are white with blue lettering.  It has the opposite colors of the true class Guidon, which is blue with white lettering. The true Guidon will also bear the Recruit class number.  When a Recruit class receives its white Guidon, it is the first official recognition that their platoon is beginning to come together as a class. The first phase of bonding and teamwork is recognized.

The individual who carries the Guidon is the "guide".  This recruit will carry the Guidon in the front of the Recruit formation for everyone to see.  The platoon falls into formation and uses the Guidon as their rallying point.

At this time, the platoon will continue to work towards their true class Guidon, blue with white lettering bearing their Recruit class number.  That Guidon will represent the class' transformation from a group of individuals to a cohesive, motivated and team-oriented platoon. Their class Guidon will eventually hang in the corridors of the Academy.

Every Boston Police Recruit class since 1985 has a class Guidon hanging in the Police Academy hall.  The class Guidon instills a sense of pride and tradition, and provides the class with a sense of ownership.  Upon graduation, the class Guidon will be retired and will hang along side all of the others that came before, continuing the great tradition and history of the Boston Police Department.

Boston Police Academy Recruit Class 49-10 is expected to graduate in June 2011.