Caught in the Act

About 11:42AM yesterday, Tuesday, February 22, 2011, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to 150 3rd Ave. in Charlestown/YMCA Constitution Inn for a larceny in progress.

On arrival, officers were met by staff from the YMCA who reported that the suspect was being detained by other staff members. Officers then spoke to the victim who informed officers that she had placed her bags, cell phone and jacket in her locker around 10:40AM and returned to the locker room around 11:30AM and observed a woman in the locker room with a bag exactly like hers. The victim then looked in the direction of her locker and noticed that the lock was missing from her locker. The victim then went to her locker and noticed that her backpack, cell phone and black and white bag like the one that the suspect was holding was missing.  The victim then called out to the suspect who fled the locker room followed by the victim. The victim pursued the suspect into the gym area where the suspect  was caught and detained by YMCA staff.

Officers then spoke to the suspect who told officers that the bag belonged to her but was unable to describe its contents. Officers then looked through the bag and found the described cell phone of the victim. Officers also located within the bag a red handled screwdriver along with the broken lock that had been on the victim’s locker.

The suspect, Jill McEvoy, 29 of East Boston was arrested and charged with Breaking and Entering in the Daytime, Possession of Burglarious Tools and larceny over $250.00.