B&E Suspect Caught in the Act

Early this morning around 1:30AM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on directed patrol in the Brigham Circle when they overheard a commotion and an individual yelling.

Officers quickly responded to the intersection of Tremont St. and Huntington Ave. where they were directed to a car with the front driver’s door open and a security guard pointing toward the ground. Officers then observed a male holding down another one down.

Offices spoke to the victim who was the male holding down the other. He reported to officers that he drove to the area and went into the 7-11 Store without locking his car door. The victim came out a few minutes later and found his car door open and the suspect inside the car searching through it.  Officers spoke to the suspect and he claimed that he was just looking for a place to rest.

The suspect, Rudolph Gomes, 49 of Randolph was arrested and charged with Breaking and entering a Motor Vehicle in the Night.