Road Rage Lands Two in Jail for Assaulting Elderly School Bus Driver

Yesterday evening around 5:20PM, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) arrested suspects, Nakeya L. Turner, 30 of Roslindale and Brian E. Alleyne, 32 of Dorchester and charged them with Assault and Battery, and Trespassing.  Suspect Turner was additionally charged with and Assault and Battery and Battery on a Police Officer. Suspect Alleyne was also additionally charged with Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon and Trespassing.

The suspects came to be placed under arrests after an officer observed suspect Alleyene standing at the door of a school bus apparently screaming, cursing and flailing his arms. The officer continued to monitor the situation and then observed suspect Alleyne throw a large ice tea can at the bus driver. At about the same time, the officer observed the suspect charge into the bus as the bus driver tried unsuccessfully to shut the door.  The officer upon seeing the suspect Alleyne charge into the bus quickly exited her cruiser in order to intervene in the assault of the driver.  Before the officer could get on the bus to stop the assault, suspect Turner boarded the bus and also started assaulting the bus driver.  By the time the officer boarded the bus, both suspects were assaulting the bus driver by striking him about the head and body. Officers ordered suspect Turner off of the bus but she refused but instead continued to get past the officer to strike the victim by grabbing the officer’s uniform and flailing her arms to get to the victim.

Additional officers responded and the parties were separated and the suspects placed under arrest after talking to all parties. The 61-year old victim/bus driver told officers that the incident was precipitated at the intersection of Blue Hill Ave. and Quincy St. when the suspects’ car attempted to pass them on the right. The suspects car, not being able to cut them off became enraged, followed the bus to the Quincy Street where they again tried to force the bus to the side of the road. The bus eventually pulled over to the side of the road on Quincy St. to let the monitor off and the suspects at that time confronted the bus driver and eventually assaulted him.

The suspects were arrested as a result of what the officer observed and the account of the bus driver and the bus monitor.