CHECK OUT THESE IMAGES OF THE BOSTON POLICE CRIME SCENE RESPONSE UNIT - Officers Conduct Training Using Multiple Mock Crime Scene Scenarios

Recently the Boston Police Crime Scene Response Unit (CSRU) conducted job related training and assessments. These trainings are designed to assess the knowledge and skills of all of the sworn CSRU members in the recognition, preservation and collection of evidence at crime scenes. The ongoing training is in preparation for the ISO/IEC 17025 program of accreditation through ASCLD Lab International.

The Boston Police Department appreciates the generosity of Copley Place and in particular the Director of Security, Anthony Schilling. CSRU was given the opportunity to utilize available restaurant space to conduct multiple mock crime scene scenarios for training purposes.

Three mock crime scenes were created and staged as close to reality as possible. The first scene was a bar robbery and the shooting of a patron who attempted to thwart the robbery. The second scene was an unpaid debt gone wrong at the victim’s place of business. The third and final scene was a poker game that ended in gunfire. Each scene found officers photographing, sketching and collecting such evidence as firearms, ballistics, blood, latent fingerprints and footprints in the dust.

Similar mock crime scenes are conducted annually for all members of the Crime Scene Response Unit. Images below demonstrate the various aspects of officer training. In the photos, officers can be seen attempting to photograph a fingerprint that they developed with fingerprint powder.  Images also show officers discussing their strategy in properly documenting a dusty footprint left behind at a crime scene. The images below also captured the mock card game scene and some of the evidence collected through forensic photography.