Firearm Recovered Due to Motor Vehicle Violations

Last night, Saturday, March 26, 2011 around 6:33PM, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force (Gang Unit) arrested suspects, Estibin Fajardo, 19 of Roslindale and Wendell C. Mayo, 20 of Mattapan and charged them with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Unlawful Possession of Ammunition. In addition, suspect Mayo was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute, and Possession with Intent to Distribute within 1,000’ of a School Zone. Officers were on patrol in the area of Washington St. and Blue Ledge Drive in Roslindale when they observed a vehicle without its front plate properly attached and a revoked inspection sticker. Officers activated their lights and sirens and conducted a traffic stop at the intersection of Washington St. and Cedrus Avenue. There, officers approached the car and were immediately struck by a strong odor of marijuana. Officers asked the three occupants of the car about the strong odor of marijuana and the front passenger answered that they had smoked some marijuana earlier. In addition to the front passenger’s response, officers observed a grinder (an instrument used to separate the seeds from the marijuana before being smoked) on the center console. Officers then asked the occupants of the car if they had any more marijuana and they stated that they did not.

Officers had the occupants get out of the car and conducted frisk of the car to determine any further presence of drugs.  During a frisk of the car, officers locate a digital scale in a box underneath the front passenger seat where suspect Fajardo was seated. During further frisk of the car, officers located a shoe box with a pair of sneakers in it with a semi-automatic handgun inside the sneakers.  A continued frisk of the car also resulted in a box of ammunition being found inside some jeans inside the same bag as the box with the handgun. It should be noted that marijuana was also located during the frisk of the car.

As a result of further investigation conducted after locating the above items, the above two suspects were arrested and charged with the above offenses and the third passenger released. .