Two Caught with Evidence of their Crime in their Pocket

Around 4:00AM this morning, officers from District B-2 (Roxbury) were on patrol in the Mission Hill due to an increase in breaking and entries to cars when they observed two individuals wearing dark colored hooded sweatshirts carrying items in their hands walking on Parker Street from Tremont Street. Officers turned onto Parker St. to better observe the two and noticed that they had turned onto Smith Street.   Officers pulled up to the suspects and observed that the items in their hands were notebooks. Both individuals avoided eye contact with officers as they attempted to engage them in conversation. Eventually both individuals stopped and were questioned at to where they were coming from at this time of night/morning and where they had gotten the notebooks in their possession. One of the suspects told officers that they were coming from a “house around the corner from Fuentes Market… [and that they gotten the items in their possession] from these girls that we were sitting in the car with.”  Based on officer observation and the inconsistent statements made by the suspects, officers conducted a pat frisk of the suspects and discovered one of them to be in possession of a car registration. Check of the registration revealed it to be for a car reported stolen on 4/6/11 in Cambridge.

Officers canvassed the area for the stolen motor vehicle and within a short time located the stolen car unlocked and parked in front of 700 Parker St. with steering column and ignition destroyed. Officers also observed the engine to be warm and notebooks similar to the ones that the suspects were carrying inside the stolen car.

As a result of these observations, the two suspects, Carlos Rosado, 27 of Roxbury and Eddie Lorenzo, 23 of East Boston were arrested and charged with Receiving stolen Property, Buying, Receiving or Concealing Stolen Goods and Breaking and Entering a Motor Vehicle.