At about 4:30am, on Sunday, April 10, 2011, officers from Area E-18 (Hyde Park) responded to call for a person slumped over the wheel in the area of Wood Ave and Westminster Street. On arrival, officers observed an individual who looked to be asleep at the wheel of a car with the doors locked and the engine running. As officers approached, the vehicle suddenly started to roll from the intersection. As the vehicle picked up speed, it jumped a curb, entered the yard of 220 Wood Ave and came to a stop after crashing into the rear of a home located on Humarock Way. During this entire sequence, officers noted that the operator of the car made no movements or efforts to stop or slow the car. Further, it appeared the operator remained asleep throughout the entire ordeal. Once the vehicle came to a stop against the house, the operator woke up and unlocked the doors of the car.   When the operator was removed from the car, officers noted that the suspect appeared unsteady on his feet. Officers were able to pick up on and detect an odor of alcohol emanating from the suspect. When asked if he was in need of medical attention, the operator stated that he had a slight headache.

Officers sought out and spoke to the occupants of the home which had been struck by the suspect’s car. Upon entering the home, officers discovered severe structural damage. Officers noted that the suspect’s vehicle had breached or entered the rear of the home. According to the occupants, the suspect’s motor vehicle caused severe damage to a lower level bedroom.

Officers charged Lois Soto, 23, of Boston with Operating Under the Influence.