At about 9:45 pm, on Monday, April 11, 2011, officers performing a paid detail in the area of Fenway Park for the baseball game between the Boston Red Sox and the Tampa Rays responded to a disturbance at Gate D of the park. On arrival, officers observed an individual standing outside the park gate yelling and swearing at Fenway Park Security personnel. When officers asked the suspect to explain the purpose of his yelling and swearing, the suspect looked at the officers and began to verbally disrespect and disparage them. Given the fact that there were dozens of people, including young children, in the immediate area, officers asked the suspect to lower his voice and discontinue the use of profanity.  Upon hearing this, the suspect looked at the officers and stated,” You can’t tell me what the (expletive) to do. I’m going to call my ten thousand dollar an hour lawyer and we’ll sue.” Given the sizable disturbance created, officers began escorting the suspect away from park property. However, as officers were doing so, the suspect stopped and stated, “I’m not leaving until I talk to my lawyer.” At this point, officers informed the suspect that if he refused to leave the property, he would be subject to arrest. When the suspect began to yell and swear, officers placed him under arrest.

Officers arrested Stephen Saia, 24, of Burlington and charged him with Distrubing the peace and Resisting Arrest.