Quick Response Leads to Arrest

At approximately 5:30 a.m. Wednesday, April 13, 2011 officers from Area D4 (South End) received a radio call for a breaking & entering in progress on Mayhew Street.  Upon arrival officers met and spoke with the victim who gave officers a brief description of a white male with stripes on his hat running towards Boston Street.  Officers stopped a white male at the corner of Mt.Vernon & Boston Street fitting that description.  While officers conducted a threshold inquiry, another officer gathered more information from the victim who explained that she was in the living room on her couch reading a book when she heard a strange scratching sound coming from the front window.  She looked up from her book and clearly saw the suspects face because four to five window slats which were already broken off on the right hand side of the window blind.  The suspect was brought back to Mt. Vernon & Boston Street where the victim positively identified him.   Donald Hunt, 38, of Boston, was placed under arrest for Attempted Burglary.  Officers observed a white chair in the front of the house and a small slit cut into the window screen.