B-2 Drug Control Unit Busts Crack Dealer Plus One

Yesterday evening around 6:25pm, officers from the District B-2 Drug Control Unit established surveillance in the area of Stanwood St. after receiving information that a black Ford Expedition was possibly involved in drug dealing.

While observing the car, officers saw a black male approach the passenger side of this car, have a brief conversation through the window and then enter the car. After about 30 seconds, this black male got out of the car and started walking down Normandy Street with his fist clenched. Officers, believing that a drug deal had just taken place, approached the suspect to conduct a threshold inquiry. Upon seeing officers approaching, the suspect dropped the item in his hand which when recovered turned out to be a plastic bag of crack cocaine. Based on this recovery and conversation with the suspect, officers returned to the Expedition to place the operator under arrest.  Officers approached the car and observed the operator to be the sole occupant of the car and placed him under arrest. Suspect, James Stevenson, 31 of Dorchester was arrested and charged with Distribution of Class B, Distribution of Class B within 1,000’ of a School Zone and Second, Subsequent Offense of Possession to Distribute Class B .

The suspect was then transported to the district station for booking. During transport, officers observed the suspect reaching into his pants and on arrival at the station he was asked several times if he had any drugs on his person but he denied having any drugs on his person.  A search of the suspect enabled officers to find a hidden slit in his pants from which officers recovered 19 plastic bags of crack cocaine.