Traffic Stop Results in Heroin Busts

At approximately 9:46PM last night, officers from the Youth Violence Strike Force were on directed patrol in the area of Blue Hill Ave. and Balsam St. when they observed a car driving without its headlights make a turn without using its directional signals. Officers activated their lights and sirens in attempt to stop the car but the car continued to drive slowly despite officers’ lights and sirens. Officers, aware that individuals often use this tactic to gain time to hide or access weapons approached the car cautiously.  As officers approached the car, they observed through the rear window that both occupants of the car were moving around. Officers arrived at the car and there asked the operator for his license and registration while the passenger pulled a video game and started acting nonchalantly playing with it during the stop. During the traffic stop, officers smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana from the vehicle while both occupants continued to act odd, one overly nervous and the other overly casual.

Based on the totality of the circumstances, the occupants behavior before the stop, their behavior during the stop and the strong smell of marijuana, officers had the two occupants exit he car to conduct a pat frisk on their person and the car.

During a pat frisk of the areas that were within reach of the two occupants, officers recovered three large plastic bags of heroin which had been flattened to fit underneath the front driver’s seat.  Both occupants were then handcuffed and provided their Miranda rights. During questioning, both occupants provided inconsistent answers and consequently were placed under arrest.

The two suspects, Yoven Ortiz-Matos 25 of Roxbury and Christian J. Victorino, 24 of Mattapan were arrested and charged with Trafficking Class A Drugs (200 Grams or More) within 1,000 of a school Zone and Possession of Class A with Intent to Distribute Class A within 1,000’ School Zone and Possession of Class A.

Once the suspects were placed under arrest, a drug sniffing canine was called to the scene which “hit” on a number of places on the car and consequently the car was stowed from the scene pending a search warrant.