During the Boston Marathon at approximately 2:20 pm on Chestnut Hill Ave near Englewood Ave (approx. mile 22), a female runner was knocked down by a bystander who jumped over the steel barriers and ran into the crowd of marathon participants. The female runner was violently knocked down by the suspect who then continued running through the crowd in an effort to meet with a friend who was running in the marathon. Several officers observed this but were unable to assist this woman due to the volume of runners at this time.

The female runner was helped to her feet by other runners and then assisted in continuing towards Cleveland Circle.  The female was observed to be a white non-Hispanic female, approximately 35-40 yrs old, slim build, dark colored hair, and dark colored running gear.  Unfortunately officers who witnessed the incident were unable to identify the bib number of the injured runner due to the extreme volume of runners.  However, officers were able to stop the suspect soon thereafter and summonsed him to court for disorderly conduct and disturbing a public assembly.

Officers are asking the victim to come forward or any other individuals who were witness to the incident. Officers urge the victim or witnesses to please contact C-11 detectives at 617-343-4335.