Search Warrant Lands Three in Jail

Yesterday morning around 10:15AM, members of the District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) Drug Control Unit (DCU) arrested suspects, Joshua J. Soto, 30 and Maritza Santos, 38 both of Roxbury and charged them with Trafficking Class A Drugs, 28-99 Grams. In addition suspect Soto was charged with Possession with Intent to Distribute Class D Drugs.  A third party, Enrique R. Santos, 40 of Lynn was arrested and charged with Knowingly Being Present where Heroin Is Kept. Members of the District E-13 DCU were able to secure a search after an investigation provided them with probable cause to believe that dugs were being sold out of 72 Bragdon St. #2 in Roxbury. Officers responded to the address, knocked and announced their office and noticed that the person who answered the door without opening it was trying to delay their entrance for what officers believed to an opportunity to destroy evidence. After a few minutes, officers gained entry into the apartment and confronted the three suspects inside the apartment. Suspect Santos was immediately detained once officers entered the apartment but suspect Soto was observed nervously retreating from a bedroom window. Other officers were able to observe suspect Soto attempting to throw something out of the window and onto the roof before the other officers who entered the apartment encountered him.  A search of the area below the window allowed officers to recover 6 bags of a tan powered substance believed to be heroin. A third party, Santos was found in the apartment who exclaimed to officers that he had just been “shooting up” and he too was consequently charged with the Being Knowingly Present Where Heroin Is Kept.

In addition to the heroin that was found outside the apartment, officers recovered the following items:

1)      Digital scale

2)      Marijuana Seeds

3)      10 Marijuana Plants

4)      Over $300

5)      $ Plastic Bags of Marijuana

6)      Drug Packaging Paraphernalia

7)      Drug Cutting Products

8)      Several Suboxone pills

It should be noted that suspects Soto and Santos were the intended targets of the investigation.  The suspects were arrested and charged with the above charges after discovery and recovery of the items listed above.