Fight for Cab Lands One in the Can

Sunday morning around 2:47AM, officers from District A-1 (Downtown Boston) responded to 20 State St. for and assault and battery in progress. On arrival, officers met and spoke to the Transit P.D. officers who were on scene with the parties to the assault. Officers first spoke to a witness who reported that he observed two men fighting and once the fight was over, one of the men kicked the other in the face while he was on the ground. Officers observed several lacerations and bumps on the male determined to be the victim of the crime.

Officers then spoke to the male suspect who stated that he hailed a cab and before he could get in the cab, the victim tried to get in the cab. According to the suspect, the victim finally got out of the cab and started yelling obscenities at him and charged at him. The victim admitted to slapping the victim around after “he charged at him.”Based on the witness’ testimony and based on the suspect’s own admissions, officers placed him under arrest.

The suspect, Nicholas Counts, 25 of Casper, WY was arrested and charged with Assault and Battery and Assault and Battery by Means of a Dangerous Weapon. During booking of the suspect, officers seized the suspect’s sneakers when they observed blood stains on them.