About 3:21am on Sunday May 8, 2011 Officers responded to a radio call for fight at the corner of E Broadway and I Street. Officers received information that 6 to 7 males were involved in an altercation. On arrival, Officers searched the area and located two male victims ages 34 and 33. Officers on scene spoke with a witness, who stated her friends were assaulted by five to six 18 year old white male teenagers. Suspects were described as white males, 5'9 to 6'0 tall, about 18 years of age and wearing a white shirts and another wearing a red shirt (possible like a red sox shirt), and plaid shirt that was red, blue and white. A witness stated that after the assault all of the suspects fled down I Street towards E First Street taking a right. Officers observed the two victims to have multiple injuries and called for EMS. The two victims were taken to Boston Medical Center for treatment of significant injuries resulting from the assault.

Simultaneously additional officers that stopped five individuals who matched the suspect descriptions at 509 E First Street which is in close proximity to I Street. Officers observed the suspects standing against a vehicle with open containers of alcoholic beverages.  There were several more open containers around said vehicle and on the sidewalk. Officers could smell a strong odor of Alcoholic beverage emanating from the suspects. While on scene officers observed all of the suspects had redness to their knuckles.

Shortly thereafter, a witness provided a positive identification for all five suspects as being involved in the altercation and causing injuries to the two victims.

Boston Police placed all five suspects under arrest for various offenses. 18 year old male suspect from South Boston charged with Assault and Battery by Means D/W (shod foot), Assault and Battery and Public Drinking; 18 year old male suspect from Charlestown charged with Assault & Battery by Means D/W (shod foot), Assault & Battery and Public Drinking; 17 year old male suspect from Dorchester charged with Public Drinking and Assault & Battery; 18 year old male suspect of Boston charged with Public Drinking, Assault & Battery; 18 year old suspect of South Boston charged with Public Drinking , Assault & Battery.

The suspects were arraigned yesterday in South Boston District Court. Four suspects were released on $1,000 cash bail. One suspects was held on a $3,000 cash bail. All released suspects are required to wear a GPS tracking bracelet and obey an 8:00pm curfew.