Tag! You Are under Arrest!

Yesterday afternoon around 4:00PM, officers from District D-14 (Allston/Brighton) received a call for a suspect spray painting mailboxes and carrying a stool at Arlington and Hobart Streets. While en route, officers were redirected to a higher priority call for six people fighting in the area of Parsons and Surrey Streets. On arrival, officers observed a group of people huddled with an individual matching the suspect description of the person who was spray painting the mailboxes on the ground struggling with a witness. Officers helped the witness and subdued the individual matching the suspect description.  Officers then spoke to several witnesses on scene and reviewed the 911 calls that been placed to Operations and learned that this was the same suspect from the first call for some vandalizing the mailboxes.  Officers further learned that the suspect had proceeded from the first location and continued to “tag” public poles, signs and hydrants as he made his way when he was approached by several witnesses. The suspect, once approached by witnesses and passersby began verbally assaulting them and gave them the middle finger.  As witnesses continued to admonish the suspect for his activities, he eventually became physically assaultive and aimed spray paint in the direction of the witnesses which in turn lead to a physical encounter leading to the suspect being restrained.

The suspect, Adam M. Brandon, 30 of Brighton was arrested and charged with Malicious Destruction of Property.