Boston Police Warn Public about Internet Employment Scam

Today at 1:12PM, officers from District E-13 (Jamaica Plain) responded to 3060 Washington St. /Sovereign Bank for a female suspect trying to cash a fake check. On arrival, officers spoke to the bank manager who stated that the suspect, who was still on scene, was trying cash a fake check and had cashed two Traveler’s Checks two days prior totaling $1,000.00. The manager reported that the bank discovered that the checks were fraudulent after they were cashed and the suspect received the cash.

Officers then spoke to the suspect and she explained to officers that she received three checks in the mail after applying for a job on Craigslist. The suspect reported to officers that she had sent in her resume in for an opportunity to become a “Secret Shopper” after seeing an advertisement. The suspect then stated that after she sent in her resume, she received an email from a Jake Farmer explaining the terms of her employment. Those terms of her employment stipulated that she would receive American Express Traveler’s checks and she would be told where her “Secret Shopper” mission was and what to get. After getting the specific items and rating them, she would then keep a portion of the money from the checks and return the rest to her employer.

The victim turned suspect provided officers with copies of the emails she had received and stated to officers that she still had the $1,000.00 from the checks she had cashed as she had not yet mailed them to her employer. The victim/suspect, based on evidence provided to officers and detectives, was not placed under arrest.

Detectives will continue to investigate the facts and circumstances of this incident. Members of the public are advised to be cautious about any such similar internet offerings and should contact the police if they have been contacted, are in contact or have otherwise been victimized in any similar scams.