Drinking in Public Results in Firearm Arrest

About 10:22PM, members of the Youth Violence Strike Force were on patrol in the Egleston Square area when they observed several males drinking beer on the sidewalk in front of 87 School Street. As officers stopped their car to investigate, a member of the group who was drinking from a can of beer, thus making him arrest-able quickly began to walk away from the group. Officers ordered this male suspect to stop in order to arrest him for Drinking in Public. The suspect, upon being ordered to stop, began running all the while holding the can of beer in his hands. Officers pursued the suspect as he ran behind the building, and lost sight of him momentarily. During those few brief moments that officers lost sight of the suspect, officers heard a sound consistent with dropping a can of beer and another thudding sound of a heavier object landing on a nearby building. Shortly after regaining sight of the suspect, the suspect told officers that he ran because he didn’t run want to get in trouble for drinking in public and pointed to the discarded beer can. Believing that the suspect may have discarded a firearm, officers conducted a search of the area with the assistance of a ballistic detecting canine where the sound of the heavy object was heard and located a 9 MM firearm inside a sock.

The suspect, Kenwins Pimentel, 19 of Jamaica Plain was arrested and charged with Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and Drinking in Public. The suspect during a search incident to lawful arrest was found to have a round of 9 MM round ammunition in his pocket and consequently was also charged with Unlawful Possession of Ammunition.