Pretending to be a Delivery Person Enables an Undercover Officer to Deliver Two into Police Custody

At about 4:10pm, on Monday, May 23, 2011, officers from Area C-11 (Dorchester) responded to a radio call for a delivery person believing he was being set up for a robbery. According to the delivery person, he had received a call for a food delivery to 110 Rosseter Street on Sunday. However, upon arriving at the address, the delivery person states he observed two individuals (two black males) who appeared to be indecisive about approaching him. Unable to make the delivery, the delivery person left the area. One day later, the victim says he received a call for a food delivery to the same address but, instead of returning to the address, the driver contacted police. Upon hearing the driver’s story, the decision was made to send an officer in plain clothes in place of the delivery person. As such, the officer in plain clothes, driving the delivery person’s delivery vehicle, was dispatched to make the food delivery. Upon arriving at the address, officers observed two black males make their way towards the undercover officer.

In short time, both individuals approached and robbed the officer. According to the officer, one of the suspects stated, “Give it up,” and then proceeded to snatch two brown bags of food from the officer's hands. After robbing the undercover officer, both suspects attempted to flee the area on foot.

In short time, responding officers were able to catch up to and apprehend the suspects.

Officers arrested Dekwaun Knight, 19, of Dorchester and Justin Hunter, 20, of Roxbury and charged both with Unarmed Robbery.